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HolidaySense - The first food entertainment Center in Phu Quoc is located at 97 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong town, center of the beautiful island Phu Quoc. HolidaySense is designed to be luxurious, modern and elegant, an ideal place to meet friends, a place to visit and experience for you and visitors in a cozy and courteous space. HolidaySense is divided into Cuisine & Entertainment areas which include Vietnamese Restaurant - Ngon 3 Mien, European Restaurant - King Western, Japanese Restaurant - Sumo Lounge, Chicken Rice Ba Thuan - Hoi An, GiftCenter, Western Bar - Winner Pub, Vietnamese Bar - Queens Bar & Night Club, 9D CineBox and Children's Play Zone - Kid City.


Bestin Coffee / Coffee House


Bestin Coffee is designed with modern style of cafe in western style of self-service, giving you the feeling of lightness and comfort for you to enjoy the finest coffee and best drinks, it is an ideal place to meet friends, relatives and visitors.

Bestin Coffee

King Western / European Restaurant


King Western is the European restaurant including typical dishes like Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Ribs, Steak .. King Western Restaurant is luxurious, modern and cozy for guests to enjoy the famous western food with family and friends.

King Western

Sumo Lounge / Japanese Restaurant


Today, sushi and Japanese food are no strangers and are available around the world. Sumo Lounge is a restaurant specializing in Japanese dishes, designed with delicacy, elegance and style of Japanese cuisine culture. When you come here you will feel and understand why Sushi in particular and the dishes of Japan are popular diners around the world.

Sumo Lounge

Winner Pub / Western Bar


Speaking of Winner Pub, you will think that this is a place for relaxation and entertainment for the West and for Vietnamese people in general. You will feel the exciting atmosphere with the music of Western style of the most popular DJs where you can chat with friends and enjoy the Beer, Wine, Cocktail...which are so delicious, impressive and unforgettable.

Winner Pub

Queens Bar / Bar & NightClub


Do you enjoy the exciting atmosphere, dancing with the beautiful Dancers and the music of the most popular DJ team today? HolidaySense has a Queens Bar & Night Club that meets your hobby, which will surely give young people a feeling of fun and impressive unforgettable experience when you are joining Queens.

Queens Bar

CineBox / 9D Cinema


CineBox is the first 9D movie studio in Phu Quoc that will bring you the best moments of relaxation or sensation with more than 300 interesting movies. CineBox lets you experience the latest technology 9D on the glass virtual reality attractive moment to moment when watching movies.


Ngon 3 Mien / Vietnamese Specialties Food


When talking about Ngon 3 Mien restaurant, you will definitely think of the specialties of the North, Central and South of Vietnam. When come here, you will enjoy all the specialties of the three regions of Vietnam only at a single point in HolidaySense. What's more wonderful, right?

Ngon 3 Mien

Kid City / Children's Play Zone


Kid City is the playground with modern, clean and safe for children. In here, the children can have fun with different activities and interaction with other children while parents can sit for coffee or eat at the restaurant, cafe shop next door.

Kid City

Chicken rice Ba Thuan / Hoi An Chicken rice


Hoi An is not only a famous tourist destination of Vietnam with the relics preserved until now but also Hoi An is famous for its rich cuisine. One of the delicious dishes of Hoi An that all visitors must enjoy, is the chicken rice Ba Thuan - Hoi An, served to diners since 1988. The other location of chicken rice Ba Thuan - Hoi An is pleased to serve you at the Holidaysense cuisine center in Phu Quoc Island. Please come and check it out!

Chicken rice Ba Thuan

Gift Center / Souvenirs


Please drop by the Gift Center at Holidaysense Phu Quoc to find for yourself, friends and relatives the souvenirs made by skilled hands of local people in Phu Quoc Island!

Gift Center

Jumbo / Beer Club & Buffet


JUMBO, a completely new and unique entertainment and dining model in Phu Quoc. JUMBO is pleased to serve you with 2 special buffet tickets in June 2019 to thank customers for opening.
* 119K: 88 buffet + BBQ buffet.
* 199K: 68 buffet buffet + Gas drink buffet 8 beers + Say with famous DJ + watch Sexy Dancer perform nightly at JUMBO.
Especially JUMBO always has LiveShow programs of famous singers performing to serve you on weekends.


HolidaySense is designed and built in a cool and modern style. It is the place where many companies choose to stop for the domestic and foreign tourist groups it is also the place to hold events, birthdays, fun, work,...Therefore, HolidaySense keeps upgrading facilities and quality of services.

HolidaySense welcomes you with a spirit of fun and enthusiasm, always want to bring you the best.

On behalf of HolidaySense, we sincerly thank you for your support and wish you have a great time and all the best!

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Monday - Sunday: 7AM - 24PM